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Teacher forced out by oil seed rape (Evening Standard; May 2007)

A teacher was forced to move into a hotel 45 miles from home when he suffered a severe allergic reaction to the oil seed rape fields surrounding his house.

Peter Hallam had never suffered hayfever before but as soon as fields of oil seed rape planted near his home burst into bloom he had problems breathing and his eyes grew painfully swollen.

The rape of spring: Health concerns over crop (Independant; May 2007)

Itís the worst hay fever season ever. And more of the English countryside than ever before is carpeted in garish oilseed rape. Are the two phenomena connected?

Sugar farmers are now cultivating oilseed rape (Gazette & Herald; May 2007)

It is a crop of brilliant yellow that seems to be covering more of North Yorkshire's fields than usual this year, and one which has not always been welcomed by everyone.

But experts today swept aside the notion that oilseed rape can cause problems for hay fever and asthma sufferers - and explained why more people could be gropwing the crop in the area.

Seeds of discontent (Guardian; Apr 2007)

Britain is losing its green fields, as the grass that once fattened cattle is replaced by oilseed rape. The bright yellow tide has upset lovers of traditional country views. But what about the effects we can't see? What is this chemical-hungry crop doing to the environment - and our health? Joanna Blythman investigates.

Iím allergic to Essex (The Sun; May 2007)

It may create a golden blanket across rural Essex, but for some people the farm fields with rapeseed in bloom spell misery. A trip to the country left 30-year-old Jenny Kirby breaking out in hives and struggling for air. Jenny says: ďWithin minutes of stopping off by some rapeseed fields my face started to feel like it was burning and cold-like symptoms started to kick in.

Oilseed Rape (Northern Echo; Jun 2006)

RE Joyce McDowells problems with oilseed rape (HAS, June 14). My son also has hay fever and this crop is his dread.

Last year, we were surrounded by yellow fields and one of three horses stabled at the back of our house became very ill with apparent asthma.  In early June last year I called a vet to give the mare an injection and was pessimistic of her being able to breed.

This year, although the yellow peril is not visible from our house, she again has been poorly wheezing, coughing throughout the night and her eyes red with swollen sinuses.

Sowing the seeds of trouble (Witney Gazette; May 2000)

The golden fields of oilseed rape are a sign that summer is well on the way but for many people they signify little more than a nightmare, writes Zahra Borno.

Retired publican George Palmer, of Cockpit Close, Woodstock, says he has started to dread this time of year.  He suffers with severe breathing difficulties whenever the golden crop is in flower and he is forced to take steroid-based drugs to calm his reaction to the oilseed rape grown in the fields near his home.

Various newspaper clippings from 1987 - 1994

Clipping 1 - Health risk warning on oilseed rape (Scotsman; Sep 1989)

Clipping 2 - Fields of misery lead to increase in health problems (Scotsman; May 1992)

Clipping 3a - Allergy risk from crop (Times; Sep 1989)

Clipping 3b - Allergy study grant (Scotsman; Feb 1990)

Clipping 4 - Couple stricken by oilseed misery (Scotsman; May 1992)

Clipping 5 - A survey not to be sneezed at (Scotsman; Oct 1990)

Clipping 6 - May was anything but merry (Courier; May 1992)

Clipping 7 - Help for oilseed sufferers (Courier; May 1992)

Clipping 8 - In the air (Courier; May 1992)

Clipping 9 - Summertime and the living is wheezy in study village (Scotsman; May 1992)

Clipping 10 - Oilseed rape - questions and answers (Courier; May 1992)

Clipping 11 - Does this yellow peril carry a health risk? (Farming News; Apr 1994)

Clipping 12 - Oilseed rape - experts reject hazard claim (Farming News; May 1993)

Clipping 13 - Oilseed rape in the clear (Observer; May 1994)

Clipping 14 - Horses may suffer from yellow peril (Times; Aug 1987)

Clipping 15 - Itís blowing in the wind (Glenrothes Gazette; Jun 1992)

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