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Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus) and respiratory illness


The following is a comprehensive list of the published literature relative to oilseed rape allergy syndrome.


Oilseed rape - allergen or irritant?

Galloway D.  Clinical and Experimental Allergy 2000; 30 308-309

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Sensitisation to oilseed rape is not due to cross-reactivity with grass pollen

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Allergenicity of grass and oilseed rape pollen

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Is oil seed rape sensitisation due to cross reactivity with grass pollen?

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Is rapeseed really an allergenic plant? Popular myths versus scientific realities

Murphy Denis. Immunology Today, Vol. 20, Issue 11, 1 Nov 1999, p511-514

NOTE: Critique of Murphy’s paper (Armitage 2007)


Identification of allergens in oilseed rape (brassica napus) pollen

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Oilseed rape-induced symptoms in Scotland

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The health effects of oilseed rape - myth or reality?

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Identification of volatile organic compounds emitted in the field by oilseed rape (brassica napus ssp. oleifera) over the growing season

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Oilseed rape is a potentially relevant allergen

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Oilseed rape - allergenicity and irritancy
Medical Research Council, Institute for Environment & Health, Assessment A3

(not published in Learned Journals)


Oilseed rape sensitivity

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Health effects due to inhalation of oilseed rape emissions

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Evaluation of the allergic/irritant potential of air pollutants - detection of proteins modified by volatile organic compounds from oilseed rape (brassica napus ssp. oleifera) using electrospray ionisation-mass spectometry

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Evidence that oilseed rape causes respiratory illness in rural dwellers

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Oilseed rape and bronchial reactivity

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Oilseed rape and seasonal symptoms

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Oilseed rape and seasonal symptoms - epidemiological and environmental studies

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The identification of chemicals with sensitizing or immunosuppressive properties in routine toxicology

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The Precautionary approach to oilseed rape allergy

Armitage Derek A. February 1994 (not published in Learned Journals)


Increase in asthma - a more toxic environment or a more susceptible population?

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Oilseed rape; a new allergen?

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Atopic conditions

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Oilseed rape not a potent antigen

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Oilseed rape as a potent antigen

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Oilseed rape - There is no evidence... Are we sure?

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(not published in Learned Journals)


Oilseed rape and asthma

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Headspace volatiles of whole plants and macerated plant parts of brassica and sinapis.

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North American pollinosis due to insect pollinated plants

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Rape pollen allergy

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Allergic compounds in nature

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Rape pollen allergy

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Brassicas - Food Allergy and Contact Dermatitis


Rapeseed oil does not cause allergic reactions

Gylling H. Allergy. 2006 Jul: 61 (7): 895


Napins, 2S albumins, are major allergens in oilseed rape and turnip rape

Puumalainen T.J., et al. J Allergy Clinical Immunology 2006 Feb; 117 (2) 426-432


Turnip rape and oilseed rape are new potential food allergens in children with atopic dermatitis

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Polygalacturonase (pectinase), a new oilseed rape allergen

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Cutaneous allergy to mustard in a salad maker

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Immediate hypersensitivity to mustard and rape

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Contact Urticaria from cabbage

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Anaphylactic shock from mustard after ingestion of pizza

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Plants and plant products injurious to the skin

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A cauliflower allergy

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Allergic contact & dermatitis from radish

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Rape Flour and Occupational Asthma


Oilseed rape flour - another allergen causing occupational asthma among farmers

Alvarez MJ., et al. Allergy. 2001; 56: 185-188


Rape Grain Dust and Occupational Asthma


Oilseed rape allergy presented as occupational asthma in the grain industry

Suh C-H., et al. Clinical and Experimental Allergy 1998; 28: 1159-1163


Oilseed Rape and Equine Respiratory Illness


New aeroallergens in agricultural and related practice

McSharry C. Clinical and Experimental Allergy 1992: 22;423-426.


Preliminary observations on inhalation and intradermal challenges of horses with oilseed rape

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Headshaking in horses

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Oilseed rape and equine respiratory disease

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Pasture-associated seasonal respiratory disease in two horses

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Author - Armitage; copyright 2007

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