Politics and The Environment

The degree to which harmful substances are allowed into the environment is subject to political pressure and control. Countries around the world vary greatly in their regulations on health and pollution. The UK government is slow to grasp the proverbial brassica and put public health and environmental to the  top of the agenda unlike many of its European partners.

The debacle of introducing genetically modified (GM) crops into the environment without fully considering public opinion is testament to the UK governments lack of commitment when addressing environmental/health concerns.

Further evidence of this is still clearly visible on the Scottish Executive website;

...Genetically modified crops will not be grown in Scotland where there is scientific evidence that they represent an increased risk to human health or the environment. [reductionist colours nailed to the mast once again].

The above actions appear to support claims that the government only pays lip service to environmental concerns, and will not hesitate to reverse environmentally sensitive decisions even when the decisions are flawed and heavily criticised by environmentalists across the globe.

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