Oilseed Rape/Rapeseed

Oilseed rape and the precautionary principle        

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Evidence that oilseed rape causes  respiratory illness in rural dwellers                  

Scottish Medical Journal. 1995; 40: 074-76.            Parratt  D, Macfarlane Smith WH, Thomson G,    Cameron LA, Butcher RD.

...We believe that this study has clearly demonstrated that oilseed rape induces symptoms in a significant proportion of otherwise healthy individuals.

Perhaps a starting point should be Government recognition that oilseed rape (rapeseed/canola) is most definitely a cause of ill health (allergy, hayfever, conjunctivitis and asthma type symptoms) and should therefore be taking precautions to protect  public health, until scientific evidence confirms that oilseed rape is not responsible for the alleged widespread allergy and/or respiratory type symptoms in people living within the outskirts of our towns and villages, due to immunological and/or non-immunological mechanisms.

The precautionary principle (EC health & environmental law) demands that public health be put before commercial gain until the product, oilseed rape (rapeseed/canola) and its associated pollen, VOCs and fungal spores, are proven beyond reasonable doubt to be safe and will not (either directly or indirectly) cause or exacerbate allergy, hayfever, conjunctivitis and asthma type symptoms in persons living in close proximity to the oilseed rape/rapeseed fields.

The Government appears to have failed in its duty of care to protect public health by not following the precautionary principle legal framework when evaluating the impact that oilseed rape (rapeseed/canola) has on the health and quality of life of both the healthy and the vulnerable within our communities; the young, the elderly, asthmatics, and those with weakened immune systems due to medication and/or serious illness.

Author - Armitage; copyright 2007

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